Dirty Sundays @ Sugar 44

Holding a DJ/dance event at a strip club can be a dicey proposition for a turntable jock. No matter how pimp your talents as a selecta are, patrons are usually in the place for one reason (and it ain't to hear you mixing it up on the ones and twos). DJ Alvin Bitsue hopes that won't be the case for his new Dirty Sundays shindig at Sugar 44, 4420 East Thomas Road. He intends the afternoon event to be a weekly stomping ground for local MCs, hip-hop musicians, and recording engineers, as well as place to unleash hits and cuts from his vinyl collection and "all those dirty sounds your parents warned you about." The records roll starting at 2 p.m. each week and there's no cover until 6 p.m. Call 602-840-5143.


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