European scientists recently discovered a method of transmitting sound waves through the lonely vacuum of outer space, which might be good news for German trance music heavyweights Cosmic Gate. The Deutschland DJ duo of Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems have spent the past decade creating a slew of spacey and swanky sounds that are a perfect accompaniment for any trip through the heavens. But before they offer up their otherworldly tracks to extraterrestrials, they'll be blasting beats for the beings gathered inside the Marquee Theatre, 730 North Mill Avenue in Tempe, during Discotropolis on Saturday, October 9. SoCal dance music diva DJ Irene is also scheduled to spin, as are such locals as Sam Groove, Matthew Harris, DJ Louder, DJ LuJan, and others. Doors open at 8 p.m. and admission is $16.25 in advance, $20-$25 at the door. Visit www.luckymanonline.com.


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