Discount Tickets for the Flobots If You Friend Captain Squeegee


Discount Tickets for the Flobots If You Friend Captain Squeegee

Being a live music fan today can get pretty pricey, so thankfully local rock band Captain Squeegee is hooking fans up with discounted tickets to their Friday, November 13 show in support of Denver, Colo. band Flobots.

The show's packed full of performers--each group has seven members--and the band's complement each other well for their eclectic variety of instruments, including saxophone, violin and trumpet. The show's at the smallish Clubhouse Music Venue, so it'll be interesting to see how the bands manage to cram themselves on to stage.

To get your $15 ticket price slashed, simply message Captain Squeegee through their MySpace, at The band is currently promoting their album, Nothing vs. Everything, which features the band's new progressive rock sound after channeling out of ska.

"Progressive rock is forward-thinking, a musical message, which is to always be excelling and progressing and always trying new things and showing what rock bands are capable of doing," says trumpet player/vocalist Danny Torgersen. "Any rock band can rock out or jam on a blues scale, but few of them can really take the time to organize some incredibly complex music, as well, and that's what's so fascinating."

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