DJ Evil One @ AiRIA Nightclub

Back in the day, Eric Bowler, otherwise known as DJ Evil One, was strictly all about hip-hop. But years of spinning will open your mind quickly, and the Portlander-gone-global knows it. "I've always been a total music nerd, so being able to spin records was a dream of mine as far back as I can remember," he says, mentioning that he's since branched out with house, disco, rock, indie and pretty much anything else that tickles his turntablist fancy. After all, it's not about the music you play — it's how you mix it. That's what Bowler taught a few dozen kids at Camp Spin Off, a camp for kids that want to hone their DJ skills. Together with DJs Revolution, Spider, Samantha Ronson, and Reflex, Evil One showed the kids the tricks of the table, and threw in a few s'mores and rides on a zip line for fun. It's right in line with his motto, "Be a nice guy, do a good job, and then do it again." The first beat drops at 9 p.m. Saturday, September 24, at AiRIA Nightclub, 5040 Wild Horse Pass Boulevard.


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