DJ Green Lantern @ Bar Smith

James D'Agostino has never slipped the surly bonds of gravity and traveled into outer space. Nor has he visited Oa, taken possession of a fabled Power Ring, battled the dastardly Sinestro, or bombed around with the other members of the JLA. Despite all these facts, the 38-year-old is known throughout the hip-hop world as DJ Green Lantern and possesses superhero-like skills as a producer and remixer, especially when it comes to his heavy-duty trap music creations. Much like D'Agostino himself — who has an extensive producing career in the rap world and has collaborated and toured with the likes of Jay Z, Ludacris, Skrillex, and Diplo — his jams and mixtapes (including the popular "Altitude Mix") bridge the realms of hip-hop and EDM. D'Agostino will zoom into Bar Smith, 130 East Washington Street, on Friday, December 20, to join forces with the Foul Play crew for a night filled with hood-hop, trap, glitch, moombahton, and other serious sounds. Resident DJs Prince Money Money, J.Paul, Pickster One, Bigie Meanmugg, and Murk will rock the decks on both floors throughout the night. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10. See


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