DJ Irene

Here's a real-life kind of needle exchange for you: A decade ago, superstar lesbian DJ Irene was shooting up meth and living out of her car in between gigs working the wheels of steel at L.A. dance clubs like Arena. Thankfully, the spiky-haired Sapphic spinstress eventually swapped out the tracks in her arms for tracks on wax, kicking her habit and going from a hard-luck lifestyle to blasting hard house hits for fame and fortune as one of the nation's premier DJ divas. The only tweaking Irene will be doing these days is adjusting the beats between trance and hard house records, which she'll do easily when she drops by Myst, 7340 East Shoeman Lane in Scottsdale, on Friday, August 25, for House 7340. Doors open at 9 p.m., and admission costs $10.


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