DJ Josh Evans

DJ Josh Evans @ Canyon Speedway Park

Listen up, local party monsters and EDM fans. We're about to dispense some sage advice. There are a few things you'll definitely need before going wild out at the massive outdoor dance fiesta and electronica rager known as Dirty Disco this weekend. First, make sure to sport a colorful and eye-catching ensemble that you don't mind getting a bit sweaty or dusty, as the all-night event on Saturday, May 18, at Canyon Speedway Park, 9777 West Carefree Highway in Peoria, will be recorded on video for posterity. Oh, and don't forget to bring a mellow attitude and plentiful supply of glowing playthings or other illuminated flowtoys to help light up the night while moving to the beat buffet laid down by dozens of local DJs, including underground party king David "CIK" Sankey, electro specialist Damien Helzcoming, and dubstep freak Jay Spark. Dirty Disco co-promoter Sam Groove will also drop plenty of breaks, while DJ Maromi offers up happy hardcore, Alpha1 dispenses psytrance, and DJ Josh Evans serves up a power-packed trance set. The frenetic 12-hour fete runs from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. Online pre-sale tickets are $15 via


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