DJ Nicky Flores

Gourmandizers of punk and rockabilly vinyl would be more than a little jealous at the sight of Nicky Flores' record collection. Why? Probably because the 29-year-old DJ has some unique and choice wax stacked away in his accumulation of more than 1,500 platters. Like, say, an LP version of the rare 1986 psychobilly anthology Psycho Attack Over Europe? Or perhaps a copy of Johnny Ramone and Lemmy Kilmister covering "Good Rockin' Tonight"? Plus there's his various albums of exotica, lounge, and "grimy Artie Shaw-type" jazz, many of which he trots out every week for his Wednesday gig on the turntables of J-Heads, 5110 East McDowell Road. The night's music mix consists of whatever 50 to 60 titles he throws into his case, whether it's some Tranquilizers, The Ricochets, or some old-fashioned Black Flag. "I'm always surprising myself with what's in there," Flores says. "I'll buy something, forget it's in there, and rediscover it eventually." So, uh, can we borrow a few, dude? "Hell no," he says with a smirk. The records roll starting at 9 p.m. (with 50-cent PBRs until midnight). Call 602-225-0307.


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