DJ Snoopadelic at Maya

RZA/Bobby Digital/Prince Rakeem ain't got nothing on Snoop Dogg, at least when it comes to the alter-ego shizzle. To his mama and papa, he's either Calvin Cordozar Broadus or "Snoopy," his childhood nickname. Meanwhile, he's been the Doggfather to the hip-hop world for two decades, hood anchor Nemo Hoes on the Double G News Network, and Snoop Lion in the irie realm of the Rastafari. Whenever the 42-year-old rap icon steps behind his iBook and a set of knobs and dials while up in the club, however, he's DJ Snoopadelic, EDM fiend and ghetto-fab mixmaster with a taste for "EURO TEKNO." Last year, Snoop reached out via Facebook for tracks to remix for a pair of dance music compilations entitled Loose Joints (natch), including efforts by such noted beatsmiths as Genius of Time, Toddla T, and Jokers of the Scene. Anyone who has checked out his SoundCloud ( or happened to witness his superfly session at Tempe's Firehouse in October can attest to his kung fu, which is stronger than the Paris Hiltons of the celebrity DJ world, or to the fact that he's known to selector up some funk, hip-hop, and reggae in his sets alongside all the EDM. Expect much of the same sounds when Snoopadelic slides into Scottsdale. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $20. See


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