DJ Tranzit @ Smashboxx

Some guys have all the luck, and Steven Chung is one of them. Things have been rosy, to say the least, for the Scottsdale house music guru who performs as DJ Tranzit. When EDM superstar Bad Boy Bill swung through the Valley recently, it wasn't just to perform at Axis/Radius or conduct a spin symposium at one of Scottsdale Community College's DJ classes. Turns out the Chicago house legend took a meeting with Chung and inked a deal to release Tranzit's new Strike EP, which drops this Friday. Having one of his projects come out on Bad Boy Bill's imprint, Menage Records, is a lifelong dream that's been fulfilled. "It's been my main goal ever since I first started DJing 14 years ago," Chung says. He'll be celebrating both his accomplishment and Strike's release this weekend with a blowout on Tuesday, April 2, at Smashboxx, 7419 East Indian Plaza Scottsdale. The party begins at 9 p.m. and features warmup sessions by Freddy "Circle" Krems, Michelle Sparks, DJ Thomas James, and Just Crit, as well as a special emulator set by Davian featuring Jamee Soulz. Admission is free. Call 480-946-3510.


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