DJ Z-Trip at Cricket Pavilion

Former Phoenician homeboy DJ Z-Trip's long-awaited debut CD, tentatively titled Shifting Gears, may not be dropping until spring of next year, but that doesn't mean he's being quiet in the meantime. Z-Trip hits town with the Projekt Revolution tour this Wednesday, September 1, once again along for the ride with nü-metalers Linkin Park and Korn, as well as Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killa, and screamo wussies Funeral for a Friend. It's a perfect genre-blending lineup for the king of mash-ups, who practically invented the art of mixing a cappella rap vocals with hard-rock hits.

If you just can't hang with Korn and Linkin -- neither can we -- you can still get your Z-Trip fix by picking up the just-released Madden 2005 video game, which has two Z-Trip tracks: a mash-up of the D.O.C. and Earshot, and "Listen to the DJ" featuring Jurassic 5 MC Soup, off Shifting Gears.

Projekt Revolution will pop off at Cricket Pavilion; tickets are $35.50 to $49.50.


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