Why let such a trifling thing as the death of your most important member (or members) stand in the way of gettin' the band back together, maaaaaan? I mean, who needs that bloated ol' Jim Morrison and his stank-ass leather pants when Ian Astbury can grow a mussy shag, throw on some shades, and belt out "Roadhouse Blues" for the Doors of the 21st century, yeah? And hey, just because singer Rob Tyner and lead guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith -- the two most vital cogs in the MC5 -- have been kickin' out their jams in either heaven or that other, somewhat warmer place since 1991 and 1994, respectively, doesn't mean the surviving three-fifths of the legendary Detroit proto-punks can't cash in off a new generation of hipsters who couldn't name more than one of the band's songs even if you threatened to confiscate their white belts, right? It sure is swell of bassist Michael Davis, guitarist Wayne Kramer, and drummer Dennis Thompson to stick the "DKT" (get it?) in front of the MC5 on the marquee, but this is still quite the traveshamockery, vocally abetted by Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Evan Dando, and Marshall Crenshaw. Jeez, who's next, the Jimi Hendrix Experience?


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