Don't Sweat It

Lots of love for fellow man at the Andrew Jackson Jihad show on Friday, August 31, at Trunk Space. (Click here for more photos.)
Lilia Menconi

As much as we hit up the downtown scene, it wasn't until this past weekend that we finally got around to seeing Andrew Jackson Jihad play live (shameful, eh?) at one of our favorite venues, The Trunk Space, for their CD-release party on Friday, August 31. (Click here for more photos.) And even though the air was sticky with evap cooling and the fog of folks emanating body sweat, we stayed for the whole set because these guys put on a super-fun show. The stinky crowd was pumped up, dancing around and singing along to every song.

Throughout the night, folks were hopping back and forth from Trunk Space to the Bikini Lounge so they wouldn't have to endure the agony of spending a Friday night stone-cold sober. After the show, there was the inevitable migration to kill the rest of the night (and the remainder of our livers) at Bikini until our sweaty asses were kicked out at 2 a.m. Even though the percolating peeps went home to shower, we're sure the collective stank of summertime B.O. lingered . . . Our apologies to the fine folks at Bikini.

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