Though San Diego quartet Dredg has toured with Taste of Chaos and major-label metal acts like Hoobastank and Deftones, their atmospheric, undulating sound defies easy categorization. Their willowy guitar drones are melodic enough for post-grunge radio rock, though the arrangements waver, dip, and swerve like a spacey prog act, and Gavin Hayes' dramatic swooning tenor suggests emo. While there are flashes of sinew throughout their catalog, they most often resemble Thrice's more sedate recent material, proffering a creamy soaring dreaminess. Since forming in '93, they've released a trio of concept LPs for Interscope, the last of which, 2005's Catch Without Arms, enjoyed modest chart success. They parted ways with Interscope early this year and are preparing to release The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion on their own in June. Don't miss openers Torche, who brighten their stoner metal rumble with indie-rock melodicism on their terrific second album, Meandrathal.


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