Drunken Immortals

Looking for some raw, underground sounds? Scrape the polish off the wax -- the Tempe-bred Drunken Immortals take an organic approach to hip-hop, crafting inventive, socially conscious songs layered with live instrumentation and lyrical insights. The eight members of Drunken Immortals -- Brad B, Tony Love, Professional, Crow, Mic Cause, Foundation, Pickster One and Sqworm -- have been embedded in the local hip-hop scene for the past eight years, performing regular weekly shows, working with other AZ hip-hop artists like the Critics and Serjrock through the Blow Up Co-Op, and releasing a 12-inch EP, a live album, and two full-length studio albums (not to mention solo albums by Brad B and Foundation). DI's latest album, Soul Revolution, reflects the band's myriad influences -- everything from Latin percussion and '70s funk bass lines to spoken-word samples of former Dead Kennedys front man Jello Biafra show up on the CD. Expect the group's live show to be equally eclectic. Hot off the heels of the 10-city "Shut Up and Rap Tour" with Awol One, Drunken Immortals bring their hip-hop swagger to the Clubhouse on Friday.


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