Dubstep at Blunt Club

Didja know that eardrum obliteration and neighborhood aggravation aren't the only uses for pulsating bass-heavy music? Try ratcheting the Best of Bass Syndicate up to 11 while aiming your stereo's speakers at the floor to simulate a minor earthquake, or blast "Get Low" by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz out your car windows at stoplights to show you're the shiznit (or a douchebag; take your pick). Throbbing, low-frequency dance genres like junglism and drum 'n' bass have also been providing a booming backbeat every week at the Blunt Club, as the weekly hip-hop affair at Club Red, 2155 East University Drive in Tempe, features a second stage of local turntablists rattling the walls with deep beats. On Thursday, April 17, DJs Xian 1, UltraBlack, and Oneson will serve up as much dubstep as the nightspot's subwoofers can handle. The walls start shaking at 9 p.m. with a $12 cover. Call 480-966-4733.


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