Dust Jacket

The band's moniker is a reference to the jacket of an old hardback book, and front man Conan Zimmerman is an avid reader of literary legends like Salinger, Hemingway, and Chekhov. It's no surprise, then, that Dust Jacket's poetic lyrics stand out like Bob Dylan next to that first, infamous amplifier: "I'm the chimney that remains/Once the house is lost to flame/My façade is cracked and blackened/But my bricks are still in place" ("FEMA"); "There's a family in the lot living in their Dodge/And preachers sipping paper sacks 'til they see God/Fall on their knees to puke or pray/Sing a hymn and pass the plate" ("Greyhound Hours"). Musically, the Phoenix quintet sounds sort of like Bright Eyes, with a more stripped-down, lo-fi feel. All five of the songs on the EP are acoustic guitar- or piano-based, and the compositions are catchy but simple. The sound of crackling vinyl at the beginning and end of the CD is a nice touch. It'll be interesting to see what this promising band produces on its impending full-length.


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