The band takes time out for a photo opt.

Tired of pop stars and the drama of their daily existences? Sick of snotty Brits and has-been pop tarts adjudicating a glorified karaoke contest? Had enough of self-absorbed metal acts and the (overcompensating) Wagnerian size of their angst?

Then come out to see Dysrhythmia, whose cascading tones of surprisingly supple instrumentals lead you on a tour of musical locations far and wide, from bouncing jazz to churning alt-rock to epic near-mathematical art rock. Enjoy the gravity-defying groove of rhythms that swoop and soar like lurching spaceships. Defile your senses in sonic arrangements that fling you to and fro in a spinning teacup ride. Revel in the jaw-dropping guitar pyrotechnics that alternate between enveloping prog intensity worthy of a crimson king, hip-shattering swerve on extended flights of near-metal fancy, and shards of awkward tonality or full-blown dissonance like the bedroom noodlings of so many sonic youth.

Best of all, no one sings a word, allowing the experience to wash over you in both its gentle and more muscular moments. As rich as the rush of a weather report, more sprightly and groovy than a tortoise, and with the tightly planned intricacy of Dillinger's famous escape plan, Dysrhythmia is a palate-cleansing palliative for the histrionics of the modern music scene.



Big Fish Pub, 1954 East University in Tempe

Scheduled to perform with High on Fire on Wednesday, March 24. Showtime is 8 p.m. For more information, call 480-966-5010.

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