Earth Crisis @ Pub Rock

Earth Crisis is the epitome of obnoxious vegan straight-edge subculture. Not that there's anything wrong with being vegan or straight-edge — both practices require discipline and are healthy if done correctly — but being preachy about it on this level rarely is cool. The title track of the hardcore band's 1993 Firestorm EP features the lyrics "Violence against violence, let the roundups begin / A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in / No mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war." This record set the tone for Earth Crisis' controversial subject matter and the dangerous ideas of "no exceptions." Of course, it appears that Earth Crisis took artistic license with promoting violence; band members frequently state in interviews that they do not condone this behavior. Firestorm lives on as an iconic straight-edge album that influenced subsequent generations of hardcore bands, and it remains a reason for Earth Crisis to hit the road. After a six-year hiatus, the band is on tour in honor of Firestorm's 20th anniversary, and — with a twist of irony — is performing at a bar.


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