Edgefest Coverage Closer: Must-See Multimedia

Jonathan McNamara

One sweaty day gave our crack team of journalists more fun and excitement than we get in a week. For us New Times folks that's really saying something.

Music Editor Martin Cizmar has already given you the low down on our written content, but I'd like to step in and direct you to our multimedia.

Several hundred shots were taken over the course of the day and we've whittled them down to the following slideshows:

Edgefest Part One

Edgefest Coverage Closer: Must-See Multimedia

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Featuring: Alkaline Trio, Mickey Avalon, and The Flobots

Edgefest Part Two

Edgefest Coverage Closer: Must-See Multimedia

Featuring: NOFX, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly and Paul Oakenfold

Also: Don't miss Eric Jacobs video series from Edgefest. Get an overview of the experience with this video. Check out a bit of Reverend Horton Heat's performance and watch this fat dude try to win a T-shirt by doing pull-ups for Marines. What a crazy day.

Don't miss: Benjamin Leatherman's video from the local stage at Edgefest.

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