Edgefest's "No Snow Holiday Show"

'Twas 16 nights before Christmas, and all through Glendale Arena, little punk rockers were throwing bottles of Aquafina. Stage divers were hung from the rafters by their hair, in hopes that someone would get them the fuck down from there. The stage was warmed up by Story of the Year, and then from the crowd there arose quite a cheer: Authority Zero was playing the set of their lives, hoping they wouldn't get upstaged by the Hives. Jimmy Eat World was ready to rock, with drum cymbals like sleigh bells clanging all down the block. The Edge 103.9 was hanging around, to see how its "No Snow Holiday Show" went down. When the musicians were done and on came the lights, the fans were such a beautiful, beer-drenched sight. And when the tour buses took to flight, you could still hear the echoes of "Thank you, and good night."


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