Embrace Today at Phoenix Fest

The lineup for Phoenix Fest is damn good, but there is something you must know. This is not the show to kick back at the bar with a beer. You will be lonely in the 21-and-over section. Tough hardcore band Embrace Today is leading new legions of straight-edge kids with the battle cry of "Fuck you, I'm edge!" The straight-edge philosophy credited to punk legend Ian McKaye (Minor Threat) is all about clean living -- no drinking, no smoking and no casual sex. Chances are if you're sipping a Newcastle, the band will heckle you -- the crowd might as well. Luckily, the rhythmic percussion of Embrace Today will captivate you. The Boston-based band's sound is in the vein of Bleeding Through and With Honor. Plus, vocalist Steve Peacock's heartfelt lyrics showcase just why fans of Champion are so devoted. Skip the beer and watch for spin-kicks.


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