Enormodome @ Stray Cat Bar & Grill

Jeff Lusby-Breault and Mike Seitz of Enormodome never really thought their collaborations would go past entertaining themselves. The longtime friends — one in Flagstaff and one in Phoenix — took a quick-and-dirty approach when they started writing songs together, and they were surprised to find that their gritty rock songs resonated on stage. Now they're on their way to releasing a full-length album, set to be produced by Nashville-based J. Hall and recorded in Lusby-Breault's studio. "We'e getting back to the basics of rock music," says Lusby-Breault, who was signed to Atlantic Records with the now-defunct Mercy Fall. "There are big drums and big guitars, with vocals you can sing along to. I think people who have seen us find that refreshing." Lusby-Breault says fans can expect a sweaty rock 'n' roll show at their upcoming Stray Cat Bar & Grill set, which isn't surprising after one listen to the catchy guitar hooks and fuzzy vocals on tracks like "Automatic Static." One more reason to cheer loudly at Saturday's show: The guys may use the crowd noise between tracks on their upcoming album.


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