Eroticide learned not to wave dildos in front of children the hard way. After one of the band's sexually explicit shows, which include all manner of lewd, homemade props, sex toys, and simulated sexual slashings, the City of Mesa slapped the hardcore band with a number of obscenity charges. Then police raided the band's Phoenix practice space and studio, confiscating all of their erotic accessories. Eroticide bounced back by making new stage props and toning down live shows just enough to keep them all-ages. That doesn't mean that Eroticide is fit for the Disneyland stage, though. The musicians still sport ghastly white stage makeup, wear costumes covered in spikes and fake blood, and violently spit anvil-heavy songs with titles like "Cyanide Orgasm" and "Erection Dissection." The act is scary because it's sincere -- Eroticide is not out to humor you the way GWAR is. These guys are serious about sex and violence, and their stage shows are still as close to "snuff porn" as you can get without hitting the black market.


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