Four death-metal guys from northwest Phoenix say they are proud to be more disgusting than you. And with Genital Hospital, ETTS (Evicting the Testicular Squatters) has met its goal. It's obvious from reading the song titles (e.g., "I Got Kicked Out of N.A.M.B.L.A. for Being a Pervert") that the band doesn't mean everything it says. Yes, the brutal screaming and grind guitars are real, but it's unlikely that the vocalist really wants a severed arm inserted into his rectum, as suggested by "Fisting My Ass With a Severed Arm." Although there is a tendency for misogyny in this musical genre, the over-the-top lyrics of Genital Hospital are likely to leave female metal fans feeling alienated; ETTS' words are enough to make even the most lenient woman nauseated. Still, while the band isn't as refined as signed death-metal acts (as much as a death-metal or grind-metal band can be refined), ETTS is one of the better examples of the flourishing death/grind metal scene in Arizona.


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