Exclusive: Hooves, "Fetch Little Doggy" (Demo)

Exclusive: Hooves, "Fetch Little Doggy" (Demo)

I love the new Hooves EP, Greater Aspirations, Lowered Expectations. Like, a lot. The Phoenix Rock and Roll Band (they seriously defy any genrefication beyond that), which is the subject of this week's music feature in print, really, really outdid themselves. I won't write any more about them -- you just need to read that feature. However, Hooves are also a pretty great live, as I saw outside Revolver Records last Friday and as you should consider seeing at The Lost Leaf this Saturday

In the meantime, you can download Hooves' EP for free here. Also, I liked it so much I asked if we could post a few more as-yet-unreleased tracks and are thrilled to present you with Fetch Little Doggy" below. Hooves - Fetch Little Doggy by cizmar

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