Factories @ The Sail Inn

A little editing sure goes a long way. Not long ago, the members of Phoenix-based dance-rockers Factories used to be in a band called Underwater Getdown, a group with great sounds as unfocused as they were chaotically beautiful. Inspired by the disparate sounds of improvisational jam bands and indie-rock acts, the band's impenetrable pop didn't break through to the average listener. The band's members probably wouldn't disagree. Though they've retained the melodies and daring of their former band, Factories takes a more subtle approach to songwriting, which has opened up room for infectious, borderline-aggressive beats and accessible lyrics. On the group's soon-to-be-released five-song EP, gothic influences in "Couldn't Be Darker" playfully stand out, then retreat when threatened by poppy, melodic vocals and a chiming guitar riff. "Kamikaze" blends animalistic, tribal percussion with trance attitude and call-and-response vocals, blended between the sweet sounds of keyboardist Audra Marscovetra's girlish chirps and guitarist Bryan Marscovetra's zen-like baritone. That's the kind of music that gets you to South by Southwest.


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