Fat Joe

Bronx-based rapper Fat Joe is involved in a tense game of mudslinging due to his feud with the wife of deceased rapper Big Pun. The widow, Liza Rios, has alleged that Fat Joe failed to pay her family the royalties from the album released by her late husband Big Pun, who died of a heart attack at age 28. Fat Joe has been speaking out, explaining that he never screwed Rios out of her husband's money. "Immediately after Pun's death, I gave Liza Rios the whole advance of the Endangered Species album," he said via TheBoomBox.com. "No one but Liza made a dollar off that album. I also gave her the total advance from the publishing company that was due to Big Pun." He went on to explain that he didn't make a profit off Big Pun or his music after the rapper died and blamed Rios' reckless spending for her current money woes. Here's the sad fact of the whole story: To casual fans, the two are pretty hard to tell apart. Both are ridiculously overweight Puerto Rican rappers, with similar style, repping The Terror Squad. So, yeah, maybe Fat Joe is right, and he didn't directly profit from his talented friend's death, but he's sure assumed his place in the world.


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