Fight Club Sadisco*

May Tyler forgive us, but we're about to break rules number one and two: Squalor, 5arah, ///she//, and the other twisted turntablists of Sadisco* are returning to Jugheads, 5110 East McDowell Road, this weekend for some fisticuffs and frenetic fun. The demented DJ collective is presenting its annual Fight Club Sadisco* on Saturday, June 19, promising the same brawls, bombastic industrial music, and bizarre behavior as in years past. Pugilism and Chuck Palahniuk references will abound as patrons engage in fights within a makeshift cage out in the parking lot. Meanwhile, European industrial bands Nachtmahr and UberByte are scheduled to perform and insidious-sounding EDM will be spun in-between sets. Project Mayhem commences at 9 p.m. and admission is $15. See


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