Finlandia Forever

We drink a lot. And in an attempt to keep from getting fat from all the extra calories, we've switched to the low-sugar, low-calorie (and low-tasty) citron and soda. It takes an effort to swallow that swill all night, so we decided to take an opportunity to sample some more scrumptious vodka drinks at Finlandia's bartending competition, which went down Monday, November 5, at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. (Click here for more photos.)

The invite-only event featured mixed drinks with every flavor of Finlandia vodka we could want. The nine competing bartenders pulled out all the stops as they mixed with flair and fire — literally. We oohed as one concoction burst into flame — one bartender's effort to woo the judges. With a trip to Finland for the international competition at stake, the drinks were top-notch. And while the night was a special treat, we ultimately can't take the sweet, so it's back to our diet drink from now on.


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