First Aid Kit @ Crescent Ballroom

Ahead of the forthcoming LP Stay Gold, Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit is bringing its shimmering Americana-tinged folk pop back to the States. There's no trace of international influence with the Söderberg sisters, however — their writing is firmly in the dream pop vein, with all the steel guitar glissando and breezy harmonies of country music of years past. Lacking the kitschiness of the band's peers, the music of First Aid Kit is easy to get lost in, as it paints sepia pictures while staying unabashedly stripped down and heart-on-sleeve. There's already serious hype ramping up to Stay Gold, which drops June 10, and there's a good chance that Phoenicians will get to catch some of the record's tracks before its release. First Aid Kit has the definitive hallmarks of modern folk yet none of its geographic signifiers. The band crosses genres with ease and easily could have been country forerunners decades ago. But they're also girls who just might sound like pop music of the future.


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