Fiscal Cliff: The Up on the Sun Playlist for Your Financial Woes

Pictured: The Fiscal Cliff being averted.
Pictured: The Fiscal Cliff being averted.

If you're not a thumbsucking moron who only cares about which overzealous rapper impregnated which leg-spreading reality star, you might've heard of this thing called the "fiscal cliff." If not, lemme just clue you in via economist Paul Craig Roberts:

"The fiscal cliff is automatic spending cuts and tax increases in order to reduce the deficit by an insignificant amount over ten years if Congress takes no action itself to cut spending and to raise taxes. In other words, the "fiscal cliff" is going to happen either way."

The fiscal cliff was avoided, you say? Not so fast. This cliff has been talked about for months, but you couldn't have expected these guys to have addressed the issue in advance. After all, they were distracted by tons of shit: it was an election year, the Mayan apocalypse probably scared a few Senators, Hurricane Sandy probably wrecked a few Senators' homes, the Wii U came out, etc, etc.

Being the generous soul I am, I decided to make you a little playlist (for free, mind you) that you can drum up now that you're gonna be broke. Well, more broke anyway.

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If you think this cliff won't affect you because blah blah, it passed in Obama's favor, they're only taxing the rich, whatever, you're cute. You're also wrong.

The real issues with America's budget go much deeper than adorable Road Runner metaphors churned out by mainstream media. Some are calling the real issues the "Derivatives Tsunami" and talking about things like the "Dollar Bubble." It appears that cutting a mere $1.3 trillion over 10 years from a deficit of $16.3 trillion isn't gonna do jack shit! Furthermore, it's just delaying the inevitable: according to CNN, three (!) more fiscal cliffs are looming!

A fifth-grader could do better math than the idiots y'all elected, and those hens are still gonna come a calling. When they do, intangible things like music may be all the taxman doesn't take. Here's some suggestions for your financial woes playlist.

Money (That's What I Want) -- The Beatles

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