Five Favorite Phoenix Karaoke Bars

Sing with Zona Road at Toby Keith's every Saturday.
Sing with Zona Road at Toby Keith's every Saturday.
Melissa Fossum

When it comes to bar traditions, karaoke is on par with happy hour specials, bar nuts, and forgetting to close out your tab after a long night of partying.

Whether you have the talent to audition for American Idol or The Voice, or you just think you're the best singer in the world after a few drinks, it's just as fun to try your hand at "Livin' on a Prayer" or "Bohemian Rhapsody" as it is to watch others attempt to do so.

It takes a good crowd, a thorough selection of songs, and something truly special (cheap drinks don't hurt) to set a bar apart from the numerous karaoke spots around the Valley.

The following five bars have what it takes.

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Melissa Fossum

5. Kobalt

It's no secret: gay men adore oh-so-fabulous style icons like Madonna and Britney Spears. Singing "Vogue" in the shower isn't enough, sometimes you need an audience. Every Sunday and Tuesday night, patrons are encouraged to hop on the tiny, decked out stage and sing their favorite songs in front of an audience of drag queens and folks who love them some karaoke.

Dramatic baritone renditions of Adele and the Grease soundtrack are to be expected every night, though all are welcome to join in. Though Kobalt is a gay bar (which we just so happened to name The Best Gay Bar in 2012), it attracts a mixed crowd -- so pop on in.

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