Five Freaking Awesome A Cappella Covers We Found on YouTube

Five Freaking Awesome A Cappella Covers We Found on YouTube
Screenshot from Dario Fo on 3voor12radio

If the Skifcha cat has already messed with your perception of dubstep, prepare to have it once again shaken up with an a cappella cover of "Bangarang." Dutch choir Dario Fo released the song last week and brought up important questions such as, "Is Skrillex really saying 'salsa on my balls boys, weed brownies'" and "does 'wa wa wa tikka' sound better than the original bass drop?"

It turns out there are tons of a cappella covers on YouTube, so we sifted through the Interwebs to find the best of the best. Check out our five favorites after the jump.

BYU Vocal Point -- Thriller

Who doesn't want to see a bunch of Mormons in ties doing the "Thriller" dance? The vocals are good, but the dancing is what really sells this video.

Poker Face by UCB Noteworthy

Speaking of dancing, this Lady Gaga cover may not be as intricate as the version by Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, D.C., but these UCB students pull it off with seven people and some fabulous moves that could make Gaga blush.

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