Five Replacement Lead Singers Even Weirder Than Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington

The New Cars
The New Cars

Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington has gotten all the way off the ground, which is a first step that a lot of reconstituted rock bands never quite reach. Diehard STP fans are still mostly nonplussed, but a lot of them are going to the shows anyway; casual fans are interested enough in the weird but earnest combination of the guy from Linkin Park and an infamous post-grunge band to pay their money and take their chances.

For a band that's forced to replace its lead singer, that counts as an unqualified success. Here are five attempts to do the same thing that went a little differently.

5. Sublime becomes Sublime with Rome

Like Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, Sublime with Rome has officially changed its name to reflect the departure of its most visible member.


Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, Sublime with Rome was required to do so under the threat of legal action and now has one original member left (out of three.)

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I can't fault the guys in Sublime for trying something like this--their 15 minutes began after Bradley Nowell died, which had to be awful--but replacing a dead star is much more fraught than replacing Scott Weiland, who even now is inspiring stories of unreadiness and poor performance across the United States.

Nowell wasn't just a dead star--he was a star, a cult hero, who most of his fans only knew once he was dead. Poor Rome never had a chance, although the presence of Replacement Drummer to the Stars Josh Freese would normally be pretty reassuring.

4. Todd Rundgren joins The New Cars

The most unusual thing about this one was just the thought of Todd Rundgren, the ultimate control-freak-genius archetype, joining a band--especially somebody


band, previously fronted by someone nearly as idiosyncratic as he is. The end result was--well, a little weird.

Unlike the actual Cars' eventual reunion, though, this video has a solo from Elliot Easton in it. So it could definitely be worse.

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