Five Signs That You Might Be a Music Junkie

If you can't quit the needle, you might be a music junkie.
If you can't quit the needle, you might be a music junkie.
kadluba, Creative Commons

A few weeks ago, I wrote that there is no such thing as background music in my world. I'm constantly aware of what's playing, for better or worse. When I posted the column on my Facebook page, I had two different people refer to the comment specifically.

Knowing both of the responders (it was my personal page), I immediately noted that both of them were verified music junkies. One from my hometown, and the other a customer-turned-friend.

Music junkies. Just like me.

You may have heard the term tossed around from time to time (our ASU store actually trademarked it for our frequent buyer program). I'm tossing it around, too, but I assure you, I don't use it lightly. I don't assign that designation to just anyone. You gotta really be hooked.

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Am I a Music Junkie, Doctor Record Store Geek? Curious about whether you've got a music addiction? Maybe I can help you with your diagnosis.

After 25 years in the music biz, I can spot a music junkie pretty quick.

Before I elaborate, let me be clear that, in my opinion, there's a huge difference between being a music junkie and a music lover. Almost everyone is a music lover. In fact, I can't recall meeting more than a handful of music-haters in my entire life. It's like pizza-haters. There are not many.

With that said, it's sorta hard to quantify. The signs of true addiction aren't always obvious, and each patient is different, so it's hard to fit music junkies into easy-to-define categories. Like other junkies, there are lots of little quirks and oddities unique to the each individual.

Ultimately, like any addiction, it's up to you to figure it out for yourself. Once you recognize and accept it, you can properly treat your problem (be finding more and more music, etc.)

Perhaps the best I can help you search your musical psyche is to let you know some of my symptoms. Some of the things that alerted me to my addiction.

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