Flier of the Week: Mergence

Flier of the Week: Mergence

You're in for a smokin', tokin' good time if you hang out with Mergence at the tight joint known as the Yucca Tap Room on 4/20 this year (weed pun intended).

"With the new laws coming into lay, it's Arizona's time to catch up a bit, and we are celebrating," said Mergence's lead singer Adam Bruce.

Supporting Mergence in the green festivities that night are The Whisperlights and Dry River Yacht Club.

Make sure you're done hitting your bong by 9 p.m. because this show is free, so there's no reason to miss it! Unless you're too stoned to get up off your couch, that is. It's a 21-and-up happy hippie show, so join all three bands for some good vibes and free love.

While you're waiting for what might be your favorite day of the year, check out this video of Mergence performing their song "Dynamite and Kerosene."


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