Flier of the Week: Peachcake

Flier of the Week: Peachcake

As you might be able to infer from the colorful vikings on the flier, Peachcake is pretty stoked for their upcoming trip to Norway.

To spread the love before they get to Europe, they'll be gigging on Wednesday, July 11, at the Monarch Theatre. Doctor Bones, Paperbird, and Wino Vino will be gettin' down too.

"After debuting a new live band just a couple weeks ago with new addition Henri Benard on live drums (an addition the band has never worked with up to this point), we are excited to play songs from our brand new album, Unbelievable Souls, [which is] due out later this year," said songwriter Stefan Pruett.

It's a free show, so be sure to support these guys before they get on stage at the Slottsfjell Music Festival.

We won't pretend that we have any clue as to how to pronounce that, but hopefully Peachcake does.

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