S.L.F.M.'s upcoming show at the Trunk Space quickly caught my eye. There's no bad day that a bold top hat and a variety of mustaches can't fix.

Flier of the Week: S.L.F.M.

S.L.F.M. has been described as "one-woman distorted ukulele blues" from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Also performing that night will be Relatives, a harmony trio from Brooklyn, New York, as well as local talents Boss Frog's Discount Activities and Happy Dirt.

Here's the full scoop: the fun begins at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 9 at the Trunk Space in Phoenix. The good times will only cost $6, and it's an all-ages show.

While you eagerly anticipate seeing S.L.F.M. and the gang on Thursday, check out her performance at the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll night in the meantime. It seems to be Salt Lake City's equivalent to our very own First Fridays.

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