Flier of the Week: Snail Quail
Snail Quail

Flier of the Week: Snail Quail

We can't tell a lie: We're always amused by Snail Quail's humor and antics. (The band's handwritten notes sent to the New Times office have served to endlessly amuse us.)

It's only natural that we're looking forward to the band's upcoming show on June 16 for the release of their new album, The Blurry In Between. The Haymarket Squares, Sareena Dominguez, Avery, and Epic DJ Tony will be getting in on the celebration as well.

"I'm more excited than a dog with two tails at a barbecue for this Saturday!" says Snail Quail singer Jonathan Cisneros. "It's a bunch of my favorite people all in one place, plus snacks. What more can a guy ask for?"

We can attest that the album -- crammed full of distorted power chords and suburban concern -- is a solid pop/rock collection, and it's easily worth the $5 entry to hear it. So be at the Trunk Space by 8 p.m. for laughs -- or at least the snacks.

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