Flier of the Week: Sweetbleeders at Long Wong's

Flier of the Week: Sweetbleeders at Long Wong's

At first glance, this poster for the Sweetbleeders show at Long Wong's in Tempe Saturday, June 26 looks like a crime scene--there is what appears to be a bloody hand print and some eerie red substance dripping down the walls.

But a closer look reveals there's nothing sinister at all about the image--it's merely strawberries that have been smashed on a wall, a la Across the Universe. And it appears as though someone really loves strawberries, judging by the bright red hand mark. Why anyone would want to sacrifice the tasty  fruits by nailing them to a wall is mystifying, but hey, at least it makes for beautiful art.

The Sweetbleeders music is also not as dreary as it might sound. The 13-year-old band uses a multitude of instruments to create a multi-faceted, sometimes downright cheery sound complete with horns, keyboard and sing-along choruses. Considering the band is influenced by everything from New Orleans jazz music to R&B and classic rock, they've managed to squeeze all their influences into their own variety of sweet pop ditties.

The all-ages show at Long Wong's is free. Check out www.myspace.com/sweetbleeders to check out the tunes yourself.

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