Floor @ Yucca Tap Room

For Floor, Florida's coolest export since medium-pulp orange juice, the opportunity to be both influential and derivative is a badge of honor the band should wear with pride. The sludgy stoner rock trio has existed for the better part of 22 years now, even though it took years-long hiatuses and its talented members founded several successful bands in the interim. Founding guitarist Steve Brooks handles the strong, clear lead vocals that fans of Torche (Brooks' more prominent project) will recognize even if they are not familiar with Floor. Drummer Henry Wilson, who fronted Dove during one of Floor's breaks, has been involved with the band since 1997 and is both a Southern gentleman and a rock-solid presence behind the kit. Second guitar player Anthony Vialon rounds out the sound, and although this three-piece does not employ a bassist, there is no shortage of low end. The band's sound is heavy and reminiscent of many of Floor's mid-'90s peers, including Kyuss, Today Is the Day, and very early Monster Magnet. Like those bands, Floor's stage presence and songwriting are hook-filled and infectious. Opening for Floor will be ex-Melvins bass player Joe Preston's solo act, Thrones.

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