Foo Fighters Release Humorous Coloring Book Tour Rider

, according to Rolling Stone.

The rider was made by Gus Brandt, the Foo Fighters' tour manager. A section of the rider entitled Catering Visual Enhancement & Activities depicts the differences between a lame entree and an awesome entree, the differences between a good salad and a bad salad, what constitutes a great breakfast, a guide to making good ice cubes, and more. The document also includes a word hunt, among other fun games and visual comparisons.

The guidelines in that section include suggestions like "colored pencils work best," "remember to stay outside of the lines," and "originality, creativity, and pure sarcasm are what we're looking for." Most importantly, "don't cheat on the maze."

"Most of the rider is meant to make sure that the road crew are fed properly," Grohl said. "To be honest, that rider has more to do with them than anybody else. I could survive on microwaved burritos and Crown Royal." What a man.


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