For Coolio, Naughty by Nature, and Tone Loc, the View Looked Better From the Top

This year's Arizona State Fair has an Old School Jam, featuring Naughty By Nature, Tone Loc, Coolio, Young MC, Klymaxx, Club Nouveau, and Timex Social Club. What many don't realize is that these bands already toured together once — in 1995, when many of them were at their height of their creative and commercial success.

Here is the transcript from a 1995 interview with the acts by former MTV VJ Kennedy.

Kennedy: I am here with Naughty By Nature and Coolio, whose current single, "Gangsta's Paradise," is number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. You guys are on tour with a pretty eclectic group of bands such as Klymaxx, Club Nouveau, and Timex Social Club. You're both very popular now, so why tour together, and with some '80s acts? Kind of a weird bill.


Old School Jams tour

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

The artists of Old School Jam are scheduled to perform Friday, October 24.

Naughty By Nature: Here's what it is. Artistic integrity is our number one priority. The bands on tour with us do great shows.

Coolio: Performers like Young MC and Tone Loc are big musical influences for someone like me. If I can pattern my career after theirs, then my legacy lives on for years to come.

Kennedy: Let's turn to some of the other performers on the tour. Tone Loc, were you a bit puzzled that you were asked to come on the tour?

Tone Loc: Not really. I'm glad I was able to fit this in between filming movies. Not to sound cocky or anything, but my performances in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Blank Check have got me some pretty promising auditions. My acting career is far from over.

Young MC: You know what? I'll take any gig right now and cash the check. I'm just worried about that in like 12 years I'll end up on some weird TV show where they film me trying to lose weight.

Kennedy: I have to be honest with you guys; this lineup sounds like it will be playing state fairs 13 years from now.

Klymaxx: Well, we're just afraid to play shows in the future where not one of our fans is under the age of 35, so we are very pleased to be able to go on tour now when our music is still somewhat relevant.

Timex Social Club: We're still confused why Naughty By Nature and Coolio, two established hip-hop acts with multiple hit songs, asked us to go on tour with them.

Club Nouveau: The same goes for us, but we are more than happy to dust off our one smash hit "Lean on Me" for our loyal fans.

Kennedy: This tour sounds like a bad mixtape put together by some socially awkward 16-year-old girl. There is no way seven bands can play more than a few of their songs unless you want the show to last five hours.

Coolio: A lot of the performers on this tour only have one or two songs that people actually want to hear.

Naughty By Nature: We have some die-hard fans that will be very upset to see us go on tour with such a baffling mix of performers, but the show is quite a spectacle to behold.

Kennedy: Well guys, thanks for all stopping by. It will certainly be interesting to see the mix of fans that come out to your show. Good luck.


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