For the Record

While the record industry keeps wailing the lost-revenue blues, Tracks in Wax, Central Avenue's used and collectible records mainstay since 1982, which mostly moves vinyl, has just spawned another store. TRX2 Multi-Media Exchange, which opened in the northwest Valley on October 22, also carries vinyl and CDs, but also specializes in video games, VHS tapes, and DVDs -- in essence, TRX2 is a one-stop spot for everything from the Ohio Players to PlayStation. Store owners Julie and Dennis Chiesa's daughter Katie will be running things at the new location, which is Dennis Chiesa's insurance that, as he puts it, "my business won't suffer when the light-rail construction begins." Other novel inventory will include an Irish music section and traditional stereo equipment to play vinyl from Tennessee Ernie Ford spirituals to Bad Religion -- because vinyl's not going anywhere, 'cept Peoria. TRX2 is located at 10609 North 43rd Avenue, on the northeast corner of 43rd Avenue and Peoria.


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