Free EP Download: Twin Sister's Color Your Life

Download Twin Sister's Color Your Life EP for free for the next two weeks.
Download Twin Sister's Color Your Life EP for free for the next two weeks.

Those not familiar with Twin Sister will notice a flowing, romantic feel to their music. Lead singer Andrea Estella's vocals are sinfully innocent with a heady nod to Stereolab's Lætitia Sadier.

The band's overall sound is of airy pop, but there are some pretty sophisticated workings going on, especially in the song "Milk & Honey." The song's structure quickly breaks off from its slow, lumbering build into a jagged chorus, complete with Estella lamenting "Why can't you be / What I want you to be?" It is a complex, multilayered song that builds towards a hauntingly gleeful refrain, "If you / Love me you would try to," signaling the end of its jam-packed four and a half minutes. And that's just one of the 6 solid tracks on the EP

 Sure, the last thing anyone needs is another indie band coming out of Brooklyn, but when the band is as polished as Twin Sister, regional differences fall by the wayside. This EP is pretty damn solid the whole way through and what do you have to lose by downloading it while it's still free? The band is being very gracious with their effort, so be equally thankful and give Color Your Life a listen.

Color Your Life tracklist:

1) The Other Side of Your Face
2) Lady Daydream
3) Milk & Honey
4) All Around and Away We Go
5) Galaxy Plateau
6) Phenomenons 

Download Color Your Life for free at

Color Your Life is out 

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