Free Treasure Mammal Show at The Lost Leaf

Phoenix experimental band Treasure Mammal proves two hours of driving doesn't mean the Arizona scene needs to be split. The indie group joins forces with neighbors-to-the-north, Flagstaff's Feel Free, on a untitled 7" record, which will be available at a free show Saturday, Dec. 5 at the Lost Leaf. You can also check out both bands' MySpace pages to hear new music now.

Treasure Mammal plays the little venue with other noisy acts, such as Stellaluna, Colorstore and Andrew Jackson Jihad.

With all those rambunctious groups together on one stage, it'd be awesome if The Lost Leaf expanded their stage or knocked down the wall between the patio and the inside--music lovers would rejoice!

For now, you can squeeze up next to dozens of other fans and enjoy a brewskie with the tunes.


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