French Quarter Releases New Record, Heads Out on Tour

French Quarter Releases New Record, Heads Out on Tour
Looks like Stephen Steinbrink has decided to "get the band back together." May 17 marks the release date of It's Not Just Kissing and marks the full-length return of French Quarter, the "band name" under which Steinbrink recorded and toured for several years. Steinbrink, aided in concert by Chase Kamp, Preston Bryant, Brittany Gould and James Roemer, is heading out on tour in support of the new LP, which comprises new songs and some from the last Steinbrink outing, Next New Sun, which was released last fall digitally and on a VHS tape featuring short films for each of the songs.

The band is kicking off their tour May 17 at YOBS, and is joined by garage rockers The Chandails, Married in Berdichev, and The Teeets, who have been described by Steinbrink's Facebook Event as having "30-second pop songs about skimpy clothing, boys, shopping carts ghost riding the whip, and weird sex tapes," adding that the audience members will be "fucking charmed out of your gosh dang skull." 

Wet Cloud by French Quarter 

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