Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats: Lush, lovely pop.

Andrew: What are you listening to?

Sam: The Shins, you know them?

Andrew: No.


Fruit Bats

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Scheduled to perform on Tuesday, October 4

Sam: You gotta hear this song, it'll change your life, I swear.

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Andrew: Hmm, the song is skipping really bad.

Sam: Oh, crap, look, there's a big scratch on the disc!

Andrew: Oh well.

Sam: Wait, I have this other one. Do you know the Fruit Bats?

Andrew: No.

Sam: What the hell do you listen to all day, Nickelback?

Andrew: Who?

Sam: Never mind. Okay, so the Fruit Bats, they're kinda like the Shins, like that same kind of indie rock, and they're really influenced by the Beatles and the Beach Boys. You have heard of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, right?

Andrew: Yeah.

Sam: Good. This new one also kinda reminds me of that one Wilco album, Summerteeth. Anyways, listen to this.

Andrew: Yeah, it's pretty good. Hey, do you have any Audioslave in your bag?

Sam: Why do I like you again?

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