Fuse Fridays @ 910 Live

Just like Charlie Sheen's career, the residents of Fuse Fridays will never say die. They've endured both lineup changes and venue changes and are still coming back for more. Led by DJ Mara and Disko Da, the Fuse crew will make their re-debut on Friday, March 25, at their new home at 910 Live, 910 North McClintock Drive in Tempe. They're bringing in Australian DJ/producer duo Yolanda Be Cool (popular for their track "We No Speak Americano") from Down Under in honor of the occasion. The entire Fuse lineup — including Substation, Hussy Hussy, Musa Mind, T.A.I., and ekb* — will also perform throughout the evening. Doors open at 9 p.m. and admission is $20. Call 480-966-0707 or see www.wantickets.com.


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